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Which of these activities and initiatives would you be most interested in? Why? Please tell us if you are answering from the perspective of a student, faculty member, or staff member.

3 Responses to “Question A: Interest in Activities and Initiatives”

  1. Elizabeth Bernard says:

    The Transition Resource Center is looking forward to working with the QEP to begin introducing the ideas of research and scholarship to students in their first semester at Mason through University 100 and 300. In both our general University 100 and 300 courses, as well as in our theme/major related Living Learning Communities, students will be able to become part of a community of scholars, and will hopefully become excited about scholarly interests that they will be able to pursue in their time at Mason and beyond. (Answering from the perspective of an administrative faculty member)

  2. Susan Hirsch says:

    I write as chair of ICAR’s faculty board to offer a collective response. We discussed the QEP proposal and the activities that interested us most. Some of these build on initiatives that we have already begun. We are interested in support for individual student research, particularly undertaken abroad, as we are seeing an increase in students pursuing study abroad programs, including our own, and would like them to be able to make more concerted use of their activities on those trips to produce scholarship. With an eye on the capstone, we have begun looking into the potential role of e-portfolios in assessment. We want to be sure that projects focused on practical or policy intervention will also receive attention. Some of our undergraduate engage in domestic and international intervention activities (also framed as “participatory research”) that result in scholarly productions but do not look like the activities of a typical “research” project. We want to be sure that this kind of work–which links theory-research-practice–will also be considered appropriate for QEP support. Moreover, our students are encouraged to include a good deal of their reflections on the research/scholarly process in the materials they produce; we hope that this will not only be acceptable as “scholarship” but might also provide a model for pedagogical purposes. We can imagine using a development grant to revamp our approach to methods courses toward the capstone experience and would likely want to devote attention to the role that graduate students can play in mentoring. We hope that the QEP will allow for that kind of initiative. Celebration of scholarship is already important to us. As a small unit, we find that our students are somewhat isolated. We will continue to have an annual conference and exhibit for our students but would welcome other cross-college/school opportunities.

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