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The rapid pace of technological, social, political and organizational change emerging in the early part of this 21st century is coupled with an increasing number of national and global challenges. Innovative, entrepreneurial solutions will be required to address these most intractable problems.

  • More emphasis should be placed on actively helping students to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities they gain on campus to the tangible, everyday problems they will face as the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Social entrepreneurship at George Mason University emphasizes the connection between people and organizations that apply scholarly knowledge across the disciplines in innovative ways to the world’s most pressing problems.
  • This QEP will focus on teaching students the vital skills of critical thinking, problem solving, risk assessment, practical management, leadership and innovation, while simultaneously cultivating a spirit of social responsibility and civic engagement.

As you read, when you post, in conversations with others, consider the following questions…

  • What excites you about this topic/proposal? Could you see yourself getting involved?
  • How could your department or academic unit be involved in this?
  • How do you see this topic enhancing student learning?
  • Do you see this topic proposal as a way to push Mason forward? In what way(s)?
  • What else would you like to share with the committee about this topic?