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This QEP aims to provide students with the skills they need to become lifelong learners by providing them with opportunities to engage in inquiry-based learning.

  • It will help students apply critical thinking, creative, and research-based skills to larger and more complex local and global issues.
  • Topic areas that might especially benefit from students’ development of these skills are: global and community problems related to health, climate change, technology, community and culture, conflict, communication, and creativity.
  • Inquiry-based learning could be integrated into the curriculum through seminar classes, case-based analyses and discussions, and/or activities that take place outside of the classroom.

As you read, when you post, in conversations with others, consider the following questions…

  • What excites you about this topic/proposal? Could you see yourself getting involved?
  • How could your department or academic unit be involved in this?
  • How do you see this topic enhancing student learning?
  • Do you see this topic proposal as a way to push Mason forward? In what way(s)?
  • What else would you like to share with the committee about this topic?