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This QEP is designed to guide administrators, faculty, and staff at Mason in helping students develop crucial communication skills that will enable them to put their Mason education to use in shaping local and global communities.

  • The shaping of any community requires superior communication skills and the ability to critically choose and deftly employ a range of tools and approaches for communication.
  • ICC-21 allows departments and programs to design educational experiences that most suit their students’ communication needs.
  • This QEP will help students transfer communication skills across modes, across disciplines, and beyond the borders of university coursework.

As you read, when you post, in conversations with others, consider the following questions…

  • What excites you about this topic/proposal? Could you see yourself getting involved?
  • How could your department or academic unit be involved in this?
  • How do you see this topic enhancing student learning?
  • Do you see this topic proposal as a way to push Mason forward? In what way(s)?
  • What else would you like to share with the committee about this topic?