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This QEP aims for Mason to be on the cutting edge of research through the integration of all of the Mason undergraduate research participant databases into one single database.

  • The integration of databases will streamline our research participation as various departments will have access to a greater research pool.
  • A diverse subject pool would make all of Mason’s research stronger and more innovative as more ideas collaborate, which would help us to secure ourselves as leaders in the 21st century in our research.
  • This QEP has the potential to further legitimize Mason’s standing as a research university.

As you read, when you post, in conversations with others, consider the following questions…

  • What excites you about this topic/proposal? Could you see yourself getting involved?
  • How could your department or academic unit be involved in this?
  • How do you see this topic enhancing student learning?
  • Do you see this topic proposal as a way to push Mason forward? In what way(s)?
  • What else would you like to share with the committee about this topic?